Ban the Cheats

by achettup

“Ban the Cheats” they chant with righteous pride

Interspersed murmurs ring indignant snide

He betrayed our sport, at its most sacred shrine

Twas bad enough their dark arts once made them shine

And on top of it all, he lied, he lied


Which cheats mean they, are all not equal?

False appeals, innings that should be sequels

What of those sleeves, those records built on chucking

And all those sweets they’re so eagerly sucking

Those diuretics for fatty faecal


“Cheating to win, its still a contest”

He undermined the fucking pretext

And we still bet, on small passages we gamble

See many spot fixes make the game a shamble

Its his morals see, thats what we reject


So ban for life, no second chances

This ain’t a Test, he’s got no answers

The same punishment for all such trespassers

As deterrent to those young and old gassers

But if they’re old… fuck that, lets clink glasses